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Safe Patient Handling Solutions

Research and technology are changing the way healthcare facilities and educational institutions approach various aspects of workplace safety. Nurses require a safe work environment which includes moving patients without the risk of musculoskeletal disorder injuries which can lead to days away from work, burnout, nurse turnover and early retirement from nursing. It is becoming increasingly vital from both a legislative and workforce satisfaction point of view to implement safe patient handling programs in these facilities and to showcase the benefits of these programs to the nursing staff and local nursing and health care community.

ANA Handle with Care Recognition Program™ 
ANA applauds healthcare facilities who have invested in safe patient handling programs to benefit, nurses, other healthcare personnel and patients. The ANA Handle with Care Recognition Program™ was developed to reward these organizations. The ANA Handle With Care Recognition ™ will also help recipients improve nurse recruitment and retention by spotlighting their facilities' comprehensive safe patient handling program.

ANA: Preventing Back Injuries: Safe Patient Handling and Movement
ANA created this brochure to provide an overview of safe patient handling concepts and steps to creating an effective injury prevention program; including best practices for lifting patients, how to choose lifting devices, and the myths of ergonomics.

Safe Patient Handling and Movement Nursing School Curriculum Toolkit
ANA partnered with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Tampa Veterans Administration Patient Safety Center of Inquiry to develop this toolkit. It contains the following materials required to incorporate evidence-based patient handling into a nursing school curriculum:
1. Didactic content
2. Clinical laboratory content
The toolkit also contains additional optional background material.

OSHA Ergonomic Guidelines for Nursing Homes
OSHA issued an ergonomics guideline for the nursing home industry on March 13, 2003.

Patient Care Ergonomics Resource Guide - Part 1 PDF
Patient Care Ergonomics Resource Guide - Part 2 PDF